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The easiest way to create proxy from a smartphone

Convert your android device into a proxy server. Easy to install, scalable, reliable and cheap. Built on the edge of technology to ensure the ultimate privacy and security using hig-end encryption protocols, safeguarding user data while delivering seamless connectivity

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The best features to meet proxy vendors needs

We use hi-end, secure, and innovative methodologies in software development, ensuring robustness and reliability.


Secure authentication, multiple access logins per one smartphone, UDP support

Up to 1000 streams

We use fault resistant techniques on our servers to support multiple streams

No root required

Our software supports latest Android versions. No special permissions required

3 seconds IP change

Ip change using link or timer. Support of seamless ip rotation

Unlimited bandwidth

1 Gbit/s channels with completely unlimited bandwidth.


SMS sending and receiving. Remote USSD execution. Message forwarding options.

Affordable pricing for everyone

Flexible tariffs to match you budget

Our main focus is major Proxy Vendors with high load and many devices

From 7$ per device

We are aiming to provide cheap services for individual customers. Limited functionality but inexpensive

Free for individuals

Special pricing for our partners.

Special plans and additional services for our VIP customers

Free Beta-test only for Proxy vendors!

Completely free Betatest for Vendors. Up to 100 devices, for 1 month!

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Manage all proxies from admin panel

Convenient, intuitive interface and comprehensive features

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