Public release will be available on:


How to add a new proxy-smartphone to the system? Please, log in to the Proxy management system at:
Tap “Nodes” section and press +1

Choose the closest Routeros server to your phone location: - Germany. - USA(West coast) Tag, Mobile phone number, Mobile model, Public key - you may leave blank. Example:

After pressing submit button, there will be a new record created in the nodes table, press the node ID:

and write down the Connection PIN:

Now, you can switch to the smartphone setup: Install proxy-magic.apk, run the app. Input Connection PIN to the “null” field in the app. Press Get config by PIN

Check the server endpoint ip and press Start - you will get the message WG is connected!

Open assistance settings -> default digital assistant app

Choose Proxy Magic

Get back to the App Press Open VPN settings button, press configure connection

Switch Always on VPN

To disable energy saver: Open applications list, hold the Proxy Magic icon, open App info->App battery usage

Choose: Unrestricted

The last thing that we recommend is disabling automatic system updates. This can be done via developer options menu in any Android system. That’s all. You will find the access data (https/socks login pass, ip change link) in the node description in Proxy Management System:

Thank you for using our service!